Jun 10, 2017

Being in Circle

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Being in a Circle of Goddeses to me means, sending out a sound and letting the resound echo around so that you see all of your beauty reflected in the eyes and actions of the women around you. It is a place were there is not even room for an inch of competition or jealous judgement.

Jun 11, 2017

Ase! Lauren, I truly loved being in the Goddess circle with you this past week. I am still buzzing from all of the love and support.


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  • Yoga is a great way to stay in shape when you have minimal time, space, and equipment! The movements cover all the bases. Add being outside, and you have a perfect recipe for success!!! Reasons why doing your daily yoga practice outside is beneficial: Putting your feet in the grass is a great way to center yourself, when you are having trouble focusing. Absorb the love and support of the feminine energy of Mother Earth. Being in the sun for at least 20 minutes per day, helps the body to produce Vitamin D. An essential vitamin that helps boost immunity and get rid of depression. Doing a flow style yoga practice is an overall workout. It covers strength, balance, and flexibility. Take your time. Sync the movements with your breath. Being outside keeps you from being distracted by things in the house, like chores that need to be done, or the telephone. The grass is a soft grippy surface, so you do not need a mat! You can take the kids outside with you! Take your yoga practice outside, and see how it changes the feeling of your practice. Who knows? This might just be your new favorite thing!

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