Yogi Sanga

"Sanga" is sanskrit for community. Connect and share ideas with fellow yogis and yoginis!

2 days ago

Yoga goes beyond asana (poses). There are 8 limbs of the yogic practice. What is included in you daily practice? What are your intentions for growth?
Feb 23

Thanks to Lululemon, I am now able to offer free 2 free classes per week to the community. "Here to be" was designed to make yoga and meditation accessible to communities all across the globe. We a
Jun 14, 2017

Once we learn individual poses (asana), they can be woven together in the beautiful tapestry that is "vinyasa," which is the Sanskrit term meaning, "to place in a special way." So, we are honoring t
Oct 4

"How can I achieve a really great 3-legged dog ?" It is very important to make sure that we warm up before going into complicated poses, so that we have great alignment and prevent injury. The
Sep 4, 2017

I have been playing around with the idea of hosting a retreat. As many of you know, I have hosted several local retreats around town. Self-care is an essential part of our lives. Self-care rituals tak

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