Jun 12, 2017

Dive deeper into your yoga practice.


Edited: Jun 28, 2017


"How can I achieve a really great 3-legged dog?" It is very important to make sure that we warm up before going into complicated poses, so that we have great alignment and prevent injury. The video above gives you a few pointers on how to loosen up the hips so that you can get your leg up high into the air for your best version of a 3-legged downward facing dog! What other poses can I help you achieve? Share it in the comments below!

Sep 26

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New Posts
  • Thanks to Lululemon, I am now able to offer free 2 free classes per week to the community. "Here to be" was designed to make yoga and meditation accessible to communities all across the globe. We are headed into our 5th week, this coming weekend, and we are already growing. People are really coming together to heal in community. Yoga has been so good for me, personally. I've used it to heal chronic back and knee pain. It has also helped me to manage the stress of being a mother of three teen aged boys. That is why I am so enthusiastic about sharing it with the world. It is particularly important for me to bring it to people who look like me, and people who would not usually have access to it due to location or finances. Do you practice yoga regularly? What draws you toward or away from practicing in a community setting?
  • Once we learn individual poses (asana), they can be woven together in the beautiful tapestry that is "vinyasa," which is the Sanskrit term meaning, "to place in a special way." So, we are honoring the movements and the divine within, when we mindfully move through the postures. This video is sped up... take your time. Move with grace and ease. I meet people where they are, and help them grow their yoga practice as a way of healing from pain, depression, stress, and more. Have you ever tried a vinyasa flow? How do feel after your practice?
  • I have been playing around with the idea of hosting a retreat. As many of you know, I have hosted several local retreats around town. Self-care is an essential part of our lives. Self-care rituals take us out of our survival brain, and allows us to relax and heal from stress, trauma, and the wear and tear that everyday life puts on our bodies. What does your ideal retreat look like? We are putting out feelers for wellness retreat in Tuscon, AZ in January/February. There will be good food, healing touch partner yoga, therapeutic Thai massage, hiking and biking. It would co-inside with one of the world's largest gem and mineral shows. Sounds like a good time to me!

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