Womb Wellness Starts with Self Love & Sisterhood

When I planned to have the Womb Wellness Workshop at The Living Well Center For Social and Economic Vibrancy this past weekend, I had a few ideas about how we would go about the business of learning and moving our bodies. I knew that we would have a

great time belly dancing, yoni breathing, and doing yoga together. But, one never truly knows what magical and serendipitous things will come about, simply because a group of powerful and amazing women decided to try something new. New being a relative term, because these ancient healing technologies have been passed down for generations, over the span of thousands of years. What an honor it was to be in the presence of such wisdom and love.

Our journey began with a simple question. "What does womb wellness mean to you?" There was no right or wrong answer. The idea was to get the sisters thinking about and connecting to their body. What is she asking for? Many of the women shared that they had never really thought about it before. Who would have thought that a group of such powerful and healthy women had never really thought about what makes the creative center of their bodies function at optimal wellness? We had some beautiful answers, though. In the end, we all agreed that it is vital that we incorporate womb centered wellness into our daily lives. Today, we took a moment to get still, and connect with our true selves. As women, we tend to be the caretakers of those whom we love. With that, we sometimes forget to take care of ourselves. How can we be a vessel for the divine, if we do not care for the vessel itself? Our bodies not only house our souls, but are the very carriers and passageway for the souls who cross over into the earth realm. Because we are the receivers and carriers, we sometimes carry other people's metaphysical burdens. This can manifest itself in physical forms, such as arthritis/inflammation, fibroid tumors, menstrual cramps, & cancers.

It is through practices such as yoni breathing, belly dance, & yoga postures, & aromatherapy that we began to circulate and release these toxins that have taken up residence in our wombs and overall bodies. When we embrace these practices, we tap into our true self (sat nam). When we get quiet, she (our true self) shares her wisdom. Within the peace, we are able to receive the knowledge for healing.

What practices do you use to nourish and heal your mind, body, and soul? Within the sister circle, loving yourself and each other has never felt so good!

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