Agate is a stabilizing stone. It helps to balance the yin and yang, as well as the negative and positive energies of the universe. It has been used since ancient times as a healing amulet. Because of it's diverse nature, no two agate pieces are the same.


Agate is a great stone to use during pregnancy. It helps new moms avoid the "baby blues," and when worn between the breasts, encourages healthy lactation for breastfeeding.


Agate is a very calming stone that promotes maturity, stability, and composure. It helps to promote marital fidelity.


A great protective stone for travelers, agate helps to prevent traffic accidents. It inspires artists, writers, protects police, telephone workers, and chefs. Protects from falling objects for people who work in construction. It also helps with endurance and stamina for dancers, teachers, and environmentalists.


Agate boosts the immune system, helps with epilepsy, and improves mental function.


Agate is very good for calming the mind, so that meditation is more focused and open to universal consciousness.


Your sacred Yoni Egg Package comes with a 30-minute live Yoni Yoga session, a satin bag and wooden stand. Colors may vary.  Book your session today!

Agate Yoni Egg


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