Manifest intentions through action. Increases prana using earth and fire elements. Inspires us to get things done. It focuses energy into action! A great stone for the sacral chakra, it inspires creativity & sexuality. Helps us to choose our highest path. Connect with the self and overcome ego. Helps those who are fearful of commitment, and helps us to follow through with our plans. Red aventurine also allows us to laugh at our mistakes and forgive ourselves. Helps us to recover from illness/injury. It is really good for those of us who work long hours, and those of us who consistently come up with new ideas. It also helps with skin conditions such as eczema, rosacea, and more. It helps balance anger and bickering between spouses, siblings, and other family members.


Your sacred Yoni Egg Package comes with a 30-minute live Yoni Yoga session, a satin bag and wooden stand. Colors may vary. Book your session today!

Red Aventurine Yoni Egg


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