Red Jasper is the stone of empowerment, courage, and wisdom. The Egyptians revered Red Jasper for its connection the divine mother & wife archetype, Isis. They believed that it is metaphysically connected to her fertilizing blood.


   It is a great stone for the goddess who is looking to get pregnant, as it helps increase libido, fertility, robust child growth during gestation, and facilitates safe childbirth.


   Red Jasper is also good for clearing the mind and grounding during meditation. It also helps with vivid dream recall, so it is a great stone for shamanic journey.


   This stone empoweres the wearer with the ability to resist emotional dominination of others, and to confront those people who drain you financially or energetically (energy vampires).


   Red Jasper ecourages control in all things, so it is effective in calming sexual agression, promoting sexual compatability, and enhaces tantric sex.


Your sacred Yoni Egg Package comes with a 30-minute live Yoni Yoga session, a satin bag and wooden stand. Colors may vary.  Book your session today!

Red Jasper Yoni Egg


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