Moong Daal Recipe

One of my favorite dishes of all time is a simple daal "soup." It is full of fiber, protein, and iron, calcium, & vitamin C. It is very inexpensive to make, and a little goes a long way. This can be made for the vegan or with meat added for the omnivore.

For a long time, I used online recipes to make it at home, but something was always missing. What was it? One holiday, my Pakastani friend and I were making a holiday dinner for the family. We made traditional American holiday dishes such a candied yams, and stuffing, but we also made traditional Pakastani soul food such as daal, pakoras, and kabobs. We were cooking away, when out of the corner of my eye; what did I spy, but a woman flicking luscious chunks of butter into the daal!!! That was the secret ingredient!?! Needless to say, I was happy that the mystery was solved, but I felt disappointed that not one of the recipes that I found online mentioned adding a source of fat to the dish.

We have a saying amongst us. "This daal is fantastic!" Please enjoy this healthy hearty dish that is near and dear to my heart, and belly!

Pakastani Moong Daal Recipe

2c Rinsed yellow split moong daal (may sub lentils)

6c cold water, or broth

thumb fresh of ginger (the more the merrier), minced

1Tbsp dry or fresh turmeric

2 fresh tomatoes, chopped

1 jalapeno pepper, cut in half

small palm full of fresh cilantro (not optional!)

2 green onions

chopped onion (optional)

4 heads fresh minced garlic (optional)

Himilayan salt (or sea salt)


Ground Pepper

1Tbsp Garam Masala (optional)

bay leaf

Bring pot of beans, turmeric, jalapeno pepper, ginger, garlic, and water to boil, and then let simmer for about 20 minutes. Add tomato.In coconut oil, sautee the onions until soft, and add to simmering pot. In hot oil, simmer the spices (to bring out the flavor) for 2 min, and add to simmering pot. Add salt, pepper, green onion, and cilantro, to taste, at the end. Butter, ghee, or coconut oil to taste. If it is too watery boil, and stir until the water evaporates. If it not watery enough, add more.

Serve with rice and naan. (not optional!!! Just kidding.)

Have fun with this dish. Every time you make it, it can be different and new.

When you are looking for spices, go to your local international market. The spices and beans are plentiful and priced just right! They come in bags, so be sure to have mason or recycled jars on hand. If you live in Baltimore, my favorite is the Punjaab market in Waverly on 33rd, next to the Papa Johns. Don't blink, or you will drive right by it!

When you try it, be sure and come back to let us know how it was!



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