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Location Change For This Friday at 12pm

Important Update! This week's Class is being moved to Soulage in Mt. Vernon. It is located just around the corner at 9 East Franklin Street. Use the side entrance. Thanks for being flexible. I look forward to seeing you on Friday at 12PM! If you signed up, you do not have to register again.

We are asking for donations for AFRO Aspies ROCK. Ending the Stigmas and Spreading Awareness of a hidden population among the Autism Community. AFRO Aspies ROCK is Shawna Cheetam's initiative for Autism Awareness/Neurodivergent Community Support/Advocacy/Community Engagement/Therapeutic Workshops…

All of AFRO Aspies ROCKS events and collaborations are all inclusive although particularly focused on the health, wellness, and care of Black/Brown/Indigenous community members diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other related disorders . AFRO Aspies ROCK also aims to connect and include Neurodivergent Community Members with the Neurotypical Community in spaces with meaningful interactions and exchanges to appreciate the existence of all. To honor and value everyone's contributions to community and society.

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