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Practice yoga with me, either virtually or in-person, from the comforts of your own home or at local Baltimore area studios. 

Are you looking to get fit and de-stress?

I've got you covered!

Not everyone has time to travel to the gym or studio, so I come to you...virtually!

Wherever you are in the world,
I am here to help you reach your fitness/wellness goals!

Choose from private lessons, group classes, and more.

Want to try it all?
Sign up for my 7-day free trial, today!


I believe in the power of authentic human connection. Yoga is more than poses. It is in what we do, how we think, who we spend our time with, and even what we eat. 

Live Virtual Workouts

Zooming in from the comforts of your own home...It is an interactive experience that  allows you to save valuable time and effort. Log in, move your body, log out, and then go right back to doing you. 

Community Connections

In-person classes are a classic! Join me in and around Baltimore City for the opportunity to receive hands-on group or individual interactions. 

Get Results


No matter what path you choose, as long as you show up for yourself consistently, you will see results! Whether you do in-person lessons, virtual classes, or ones that are pre-recorded, you can not go wrong. 

On Your Own Time

There are 2 ways to ensure that you find a wellness program that is tailored just for you. Pre-recorded classes, or private lessons are the way to go. 

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