Meet Michelle

               Divayogi, Michelle Stafford has been teaching yoga since 2004,

and personal training since 2002. Her focus is on alleviating

back/knee pain, managing the symptoms chronic stress/trauma,

and building overall vitality. She combines her knowledge of strength

training and functional movement with yoga to establish a

healthy movement practice suited just for you.


   Health goes beyond the aesthetic. How do you feel at the

end of the day? Are you able to complete your daily tasks with

energy and vigor? Physical fitness is about longevity, and

optimal wellness. Move your body in a quality way (asana),

eat healthy food, meditate (dhyana), and do breathing exercises

(pranayama) on a daily basis.


   Whether you attend a group session or experience a

one-on-one session with Michelle, you will certainly have an

effective workout, while having a great time.


    Exclusive to women's wellness, Michelle teaches women the art of

Yoni Breathing & Yoni Weight Lifting through the use of sacred

Yoni eggs. These ancient tools are a way for women to

meditate, tone the pelvic floor, invigorate the body, and maintain

womb health. "Yoni" is the sanskrit term for "sacred space" or "womb." 

   Michelle's is a certified NSPA personal Trainer,

Patanjali/Iyengar Therapeutic Yoga Instructor, and Level 1 Usui Reiki Practitioner.  She has a background in aquatic fitness & belly dance. She is a Trauma Informed Care Trainer through the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.


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Private Sessions

Top 5 Reasons to Choose to work One-on-One with Divayogi.

  1. Set your own schedule: Make Yoga fit into your life. One your terms. When you're ready.

  2. Set Your Own Pace: We work to set and reach your personal goals. You get exactly what you need, in your own time.

  3. No distractions: It's just you and me. We are mindfully focused.

  4. Privacy: Duh!

  5. One-On-One attention: No need to compete with anyone in class.

Classes & Events


A small group, semi-private experience that is sure to cleanse and detox anything that no longer serves you. Indulge in the soothing rhythmic flow of this challenging yoga class. Sign-up!

Mondays at 7pm

Detox Yoga Flow


Practice traditional Indian yoga. We use props to support the poses and help with alignment. Sign-up!

Wednesdays @1pm

Patanjali/Iyengar Yoga

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