Mama Pat

Handmade Jewelry & Gifts

Divayogi's Mom

is a fantastic artist. She loves to use beads, upcycled materials, vintage pieces and more! Each creation is original and unique.

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Waist Beads

Adorn the Divine Feminine 

Traditionally, Waist Beads have been worn for generations by women in Africa to represent milestones such as coming of age, marriage, and childbirth. 

Barefoot Sandals

More than an anklet, less than a shoe.

There is nothing more beautiful than a person who walks with poise and grace. Being barefoot is a way to ensure the freedom that going without shoes can offer. More body awareness, a deeper connection to the earth, and honoring your home by leaving your shoes at the door. 


Beaded Sun Catchers

Namaste: The Light in me sees and honors the Light in you.

Get a glimpse of what refuses to be captured...the light of the sun.


Mama Pat fondly calls them "Ear Bobs"

Choose from an array of handmade earrings of all shapes and sizes. 



Decorate your throat and heart chakras.

Necklaces are not only a beautiful expression of your personality and heritage, but may also be worn as an amulet for healing and protection.