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First Fridays at Be More Green!

Divayogi, Be More Green, and AFRO Aspies ROCK have teamed up to bring you a community healing yoga experience at the Be More Green corner store located at 2036 W. North Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21217. We meet every first Friday at 1 PM. The first class was on March 3rd. We had a great group of yogis! Thanks for coming out. See you for our next class on April 7th!

About the class: Divayogi, Michelle Stafford will guide you through a series of beginner friendly yoga poses and breathing exercises that are designed to help the participant improve circulation, decrease bodily pain, and alleviate stress. All ages are welcomed. We focus on community connections, so this is a great class for elders, people who work from home, own their own businesses, homeschoolers, and more!

Food Giveaway! Every Friday at 12 PM, you are invited to take part in the weekly food giveaway. Farmer Nell also does a food giveaway with Marvin McDowell at Umar Boxing Gym, located at 1217 W. North Ave, 21217, on Wednesdays at 12 PM.

Healthy food is everyone's right! Farmer Nell and his partners work diligently to make sure that the community has access to fresh food. #foodismedicine #selfcareishealthcare

AFRO Aspies ROCK is an initiative created by Shawna Cheatham for Autism Awareness/Neuro-Divergency Community Support/ Advocacy/Community Engagement/ Therapeutic Workshops.

All of AFRO Aspies ROCKS events and collaborations are all inclusive although particularly focused on the health, wellness, and care of Black/Brown/Indigenous community

members diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other related disorders . AFRO Aspies ROCK also aims to connect and include Neuro-Divergent Community Members with the Neurotypical Community in spaces with meaningful interactions and exchanges to appreciate the existence of all. To honor and value everyone contributions to community and society.

"Be More Green is an all-vegan business located in Baltimore, Maryland. The grocery store offers a free selection of produce to combat food insecurity. The free grocery model was founded by Dominic Nell. Dominic is affectionately known as "Farmer Nell", and he created Be More Green to reduce food apartheid in USDA food deserts. Based on the international #TheFutureIsGreen movement that promotes a healthier community narrative. We specialize in processing fresh fruit directly from orchards and know exactly how to

provide quality and healthy drinks." -From Website

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