You, My Dear, Are A DIVA...

Updated: May 23

A DIVA is born into this world a divine being. She is feisty and loud and expresses herself with raw passion. The flip side is that a DIVA may be torn down and have her light dimmed by those who have also had their light dimmed by those who have had the same done to them. A DIVA needs the love of her sisters and elders, who despite the fact that life may not have been easy, her light continues to shine bright. The Elder DIVA knows that the Baby DIVA (or DIVA diamond, as I like to call the Baby DIVAS) shines brighter because of the love and guidance that the Elder DIVA blesses the DIVA Diamond with. The Elder DIVA also knows that her own light is brightened by this practice.

For those of you who do not know who the DIVAS pictured below are, they are my niece Leighton and step-mother Marylu. Both of these DIVAS, by just being themselves, have helped my light to shine brighter, and for that I am grateful. Perhaps you all can get some of that shine from this beautiful photo.

DIVA: Divine Individual w/Valuable Assets


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